How to Remove a Ghost from Your House

Once you have come to the conclusion that there is an actual ghost taking residence in your home, you will most likely want to get rid of it. You may be considering calling in an expert such as a paranormal investigator to help you get rid of these ghosts from your home but there may be easier ways to do this on your own.

Because many ghosts aren’t even aware of the fact that they are ghosts and that they are still the owner’s of the home, it may just be a simple matter of asking them to leave. Speak in a loud and clear voice and simply say, “If there is a presence here, please leave. You are dead and no longer live in this home. Go with God, go to the light.” There is no reason to be mean or rude when doing this. You’re goal is to have the ghost leave, not to anger it.

Other remedies for getting rid of a ghost include hanging garlic, growing rosemary, sprinkling Holy Water or sea salt around your home, painting your door red, or hanging hazelnuts. No real evidence has been found as to why ghosts find these items so offensive but they have been proven to work in homes that have paranormal activity. Something called the shoe remedy has also been known to work. When getting rid of ghosts this way, lay your shoes out that you will wear the next day wherever you wish. Point one shoe with the toes pointing one way and the other shoe with the toes pointing the opposite way. This is thought to confuse the ghosts to the point where they simply give up trying to understand and will leave.

Another way to get rid of ghosts is to try and bring harmony inside the home. If the ghost that is inside is evil and malicious, they are likely trying to create discord in the house and are very happy when they have succeeded, making them more likely to stay to reap the benefits of a job well done. Even if the ghost did not cause the unrest, if it’s an evil ghost, they will be happy that people are fighting and feed off the negative energy.

Calling in a priest of another religious authority figure to come in and bless the home may also have a beneficial effect when trying to get rid of a ghost. They will usually come and also sprinkle Holy Water, making sure to also sprinkle it on the door of the house. They will generally say a prayer while doing so, asking God to get rid of any spirits within the home.

If none of these methods seem to work, call around to paranormal experts and ask about getting the ghost removed from your house. They will bring in special equipment and can communicate in ways that non-experts are not able to. Make sure that when researching paranormal experts, you find one that has experience removing paranormal entities from homes.

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